Mindfulness stress reduction!!!!


1. Its the preferred way to reduce stress in people with obsessive disorders

2. Learning how to use mindfulness enhances peoples capability to cope with distress and disability in everyday life 

3. Helps physical-well being i.e medical symptoms, sensory, and physical impairment 


I can’t imagine a race of humans who don’t sleep. sleep is needed to regenerate the brain , sleep is awesome!


Imagen a race of humans which can work without becoming tired and remember each conversation they’ve ever said… Sounds science fiction doesn’t it. Well not anymore as scientists are already working out it out. They will insert a little device in your brain that will record your memories and conversations, this then will help people who lost there memory to remember there memory.

Overall I think it will help us a lot with remembering important information and also help us to create eventually a “super” human.

Find out more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20217737

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I think this blog will actually help me with my patience because i just get upset with things and give up preeeeeety fast.


Knowing Neurons

Our bodies possess unique and amazing capabilities for self-healing and repair.  Time and again, we have witnessed (or experienced first-hand) someone with a broken bone injury.  After some medical intervention, it’s just a matter of time as a “natural healing process” occurs in the bone.  It almost sounds magical.

But how does the central nervous system (CNS) react to injury?  How do people recover from such debilitating conditions as stroke and brain tumors?  Just like the rest of your body, the CNS finds ways to promote protection and healing.  After evoking an inflammatory response, the body’s reaction to injury and stress, new blood vessels are formed in a process called angiogenesis.  I find it interesting that an immune response would trigger the formation of new blood vessels.  Does this have a role in the “miraculous” healing that many patients experience after injury or an illness?

Maybe that’s what also…

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Knowing Neurons

How many neural processes are going on within your body as you read this sentence?  The answer to this question is hard to fathom, I know, but give it a shot.   Try to imagine all the physiological events that are being controlled by your nervous system at this very moment.  Our nervous systems control a dizzying array of sensory, motor, and cognitive processes simultaneously, without us granting them “permission” to do so.  In fact, most of our neural functions require no mental energy on our part whatsoever!  For this reason, it is extremely easy to take these basic processes for granted.  However, if we were to witness the suffering of an individual with multiple sclerosis, we might begin to appreciate these things a little more.

In Juan’s most recent post, “Making New Blood Vessels Helps Neuronal Recovery,” he briefly mentioned a mouse model of the human disease…

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Making a brain blog


Making a brain blog, or any blog in general, is one of the worst things ever. Everything is so complicated, and for the ten minutes that it takes to make one, you lose your knowledge of working on computers. I don’t think i can look at another computer for a while. That’s how traumatic it is.