Knowing Neurons

Our bodies possess unique and amazing capabilities for self-healing and repair.  Time and again, we have witnessed (or experienced first-hand) someone with a broken bone injury.  After some medical intervention, it’s just a matter of time as a “natural healing process” occurs in the bone.  It almost sounds magical.

But how does the central nervous system (CNS) react to injury?  How do people recover from such debilitating conditions as stroke and brain tumors?  Just like the rest of your body, the CNS finds ways to promote protection and healing.  After evoking an inflammatory response, the body’s reaction to injury and stress, new blood vessels are formed in a process called angiogenesis.  I find it interesting that an immune response would trigger the formation of new blood vessels.  Does this have a role in the “miraculous” healing that many patients experience after injury or an illness?

Maybe that’s what also…

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